Invisalign are cosmetic braces that are nearly invisible!  They are only 1mm in thickness and are very comfortable to wear.  They are custom made ‘aligners’ (braces) which are removable, so they can be taken in and out.

Invisalign is a great option for people who do not want to wear fixed braces and who have mild-moderate crowding of their teeth.  Once the teeth are in the correct position, the success of further dental treatment, for example cosmetic bonding is more reliable.

A series of ‘aligners’ are worn on the teeth for a period of two weeks.  Each aligner is tight at the start of the two week period but it gradually becomes a little looser with time as the teeth are moved into position.

The Invisalign system uses computer modelling to give an estimate of how long treatment will take. This is usually fairly accurate, but at the end of the series of aligners, some additional ones may be needed to perfect the end result to ensure the finest aesthetics.

Whilst this means a few more stages of treatment, there is no additional fee as this is included if needed.

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